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Eco-Friendly Pool Maintenance — For Clear Waters and an Even Clearer Conscience

Sustainable solutions for a greener approach to clean pools and spas

A comprehensive approach to sustainable pool maintenance

Healthier water that contributes to a healthier planet

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Sustainable pool care — for an impact that makes a splash


We’re making green waves in blue waters with a sustainability strategy that balances both quality service and environmental responsibility.

At Payan Pool Service, our commitment to our customers goes beyond clean waters and exceptional service. It now extends to a sustainability strategy we can all be proud of.

Striving to achieve the perfect balance between leading pool maintenance services and environmentally responsible practices, we’re here to tell you a little more about how we’re contributing to a greener, more eco-conscious standard within the aquatics industry.

Eco-friendly chemical alternatives for pool maintenance

Payan Pool Service is currently at the forefront of introducing innovative, eco-friendly chemical alternatives for pool maintenance.

Our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of traditional pool care has led us to explore and implement solutions that minimize the use of harsh chemicals.

While chlorine is still an important part of keeping your pool or spa clean, our products and systems can reduce chlorine dependency by up to 50%.

Energy-efficient equipment and practices

Our sustainability strategy extends to optimizing energy efficiency through advanced equipment and practices.

From switching customers from DE filters to cartridge filters and upgrading single-speed pumps to variable-speed models, we aim to minimize energy consumption without compromising the quality of pool maintenance.

And as we’ve included sustainable practices in our team’s ongoing training, our dedication to a greener, more sustainable future is clear company-wide.

Responsible waste management and recycling

We take pride in our responsible waste management and recycling practices.

From recycling industrial items like pump motors, wiring, and heat exchangers to maintaining a 96% paperless billing system, we strive to reduce our ecological footprint.

By partnering with Payan Pool Service, you’re joining us on a journey towards better industry standards and a shared commitment to pool care excellence.

Supporting local economies and team well-being

Sustainability isn’t just about caring for the environment; it’s about contributing to the local economy and prioritizing employee well-being.

We understand the importance of supporting our local community. That’s why we’ve developed a network of local companies we regularly partner with to support our services.

As proud members of the BBB, Chamber of Commerce, and the Executives Association of San Diego, we also actively engage in activities that don’t just serve us — they serve our team and our community.

Just some of the ways Payan Pool Service supports its people:

  • Active community engagement
  • Referral initiatives
  • Ongoing team training
  • Recognition programs
  • Growth opportunities
  • Balanced work schedules

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Payan Pool Service contribute to environmental sustainability?

We actively contribute to environmental sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly chemical alternatives, promoting energy-efficient equipment, and implementing responsible waste management and recycling practices.

How does Payan Pool Service support the local economy?

We support the local economy through active community involvement, engaging with local businesses, and participating in organizations like BBB, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Executives Association of San Diego.

How does Payan Pool Service prioritize team well-being?

We prioritize team well-being by offering comprehensive training programs to stay updated on industry advancements, implementing recognition programs for exemplary performance, maintaining balanced work schedules, and so much more.

Want to work with us? Contact our team to find out more.


Can I expect the same level of pool care with sustainable practices and a better approach to work life balance?

Absolutely. Our commitment to sustainability and work life balance doesn’t reduce the quality of our pool care services. In fact, it enhances them. By incorporating eco-friendly alternatives and promoting a happier work culture, our well-rounded team is always ready to take on their next challenge.


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