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Discover our range of innovative pool sanitizers for healthier water and reduced chlorine usage.

At Payan Pool Service, we’re proud to introduce a range of innovative pool sanitizers designed to transform the way swimming pools are maintained. Water quality, health, and sustainable practices are so important to our team, and we want to bring you cutting-edge solutions that redefine the standards of pool sanitation.

With a carefully scrutinized selection of sanitization solutions that can reduce chlorine usage by up to 50%, our team can help you prioritize both the well-being of your pool and your peace of mind.

Dive into a purer world with less chlorine.

A new approach to pool sanitization

As pool and spa experts in San Diego, we understand that 100% chlorine-free water isn’t a viable option yet. However, we’ve made it our mission to seek out the next best thing and bring you alternative options that keep your water healthy, clean, and as sustainable as possible — without compromising on quality!

Here are some of the products and solutions our team has tried and tested to deliver a superior pool experience.

Clear Comfort CCW100

Powered by Hydroxyl-Based AOP (advanced oxidation process), the award-winning Clear Comfort AOP pool and spa sanitation systems offer an easy way to keep your water fresh and healthy, with minimal need for chlorine.

Just some of the benefits of the Clear Comfort CCW100 system include:

Soft, silky, and fresh-feeling water
Kind to your skin, hair, and bathing suits
No eye, skin, or lung irritation
No heavy “pool” scent
CCW100 unit.
PureStar unit.
Pool Nation Innovative Product of the Year 2023.

PureStar Ozone Generator

The advantages of using ozone in swimming pools are widely recognized within the aquatics industry, and as leading experts in our field, we’re delighted to partner with PureStar to bring you the best solutions on the market.

The PureStar Ozone Generator delivers up to 1 gram of ozone per hour, making it suitable for treating pools of up to 40,000 gallons.

Some of its benefits include:

Easy to install and maintain
Flow-driven, self-cleaning, and variable speed pump compatibility
Pristine water that’s more gentle on skin and eyes
Adds a visually appealing “sparkling” effect to the water

Instant FROG®

In just one easy step, Instant FROG® can provide you with a full season of crystal-clear, soft-feeling water.

Put Instant FROG® in your skimmer basket and benefit from sanitizing minerals that last 6 months, and reduce chlorine by up to 50%.

Just some of the highlights of Instant FROG® include:

Easy installation — simply place Instant FROG® into the skimmer basket and forget about it
It’s prefilled, so no mess!
Cost-effective solution with quality results
Instant Frog product.

Sustainable pool maintenance services delivered by the experts

We care for your pool – and the environment!

Our team of experts understands the delicate balance between maintaining pristine waters and preserving the planet.

With a focus on eco-friendly practices, our services not only ensure the longevity and health of your pool, they also contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

As part of our sustainability strategy, we value:

  • Eco-friendly processes
  • Energy-efficient equipment
  • Water conservation
  • Minimal chemical footprint (without compromising on safety or water quality)
  • Waste reduction practices
  • Ongoing environmental training
  • Community-driven initiatives

Our pool maintenance services speak for themselves

Our sustainable approach to pool maintenance has already got people talking!


Knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. Spent a lot of time explaining things about my pool to me. I appreciated the time spent and the knowledge shared.

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Katherine, Poway

Reliable, knows pools and the problems that can arise.

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Bonnie, San Diego

Very professional, detail-oriented, and friendly.

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William, San Diego

Great customer service good communication and follow through.

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Sheila, Santee

Payan Pools Always does a very good job of servicing my pool. Trustworthy, Professional they are the "Real Deal".

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Chuck, Santee

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my pool or spa be 100% chlorine-free?

Achieving a 100% chlorine-free pool or spa isn’t currently a viable option for maintaining a healthy and safe aquatic environment. However, at Payan Pool Service, we offer alternative sanitization options that significantly reduce chlorine dependency, providing a healthier and more enjoyable swimming experience.

What makes your pool maintenance services sustainable?

Where possible, our pool maintenance services prioritize sustainability through eco-friendly products, energy-efficient equipment, water conservation practices, minimal chemical usage, waste reduction efforts, and training on responsible pool practices.

How do you ensure the safety of alternative sanitization options?

The alternative sanitization options we recommend – like Clear Comfort CCW100, PureStar Ozone Generator, and Instant FROG® – have undergone rigorous testing and meet industry standards for safety and effectiveness. These options deliver exceptional results, without compromising on the safety of your pool.


Will alternative sanitizers negatively impact the cleanliness of my pool?

Not at all. All of our pool maintenance practices are designed to enhance water quality and reduce the presence of impurities. Through careful selection of products and advanced water management techniques, we maintain a pristine pool environment with high standards of cleanliness and swimmer comfort.


Treat your water to a whole new level of care

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